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This War of Mine: The Little Ones Now Available

This War of Mine is a gloomy survival game in which players must weigh their ethical standards against their instinct to survive. The game forces players to make difficult decisions which will significantly impact the story.¬†This War of Mine’s new DLC, The Little Ones, will challenge players with even tougher decisions with the introduction of a crucial element: children.

This War of Mine - The Little Ones Logo

War changes people. In times of desperation and destruction, the natures of individuals are altered accordingly. The influence of war on adults is well-known, but what about children? The child phase of a person’s lifespan is the most important time period of their development stage. How will war affect the character of a child? The Little Ones allows players to gain insight into the mindset of children who are trapped within the grasp of war.

Check out the official trailer below by 11 bit studios:

Each purchase of The Little Ones contributes $1 towards War Child, a charity that provides life support to children victimized by war. This War of Mine: The Little Ones may be purchased on Steam at 10% off for $8.99. For anyone without the base game, now is a perfect time to experience this wartime simulator. This War of Mine is also discounted, at 50% off, for a final price of $9.99. Both discounts last until June 8th. How will you act during wartime? Find out now!

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