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Xenoblade Chronicles 2: Story Predictions

It’s hard to already have any sort of idea what the narrative of Xenoblade Chronicles 2 would be like, but I’d like to think that I’m a big enough fan of the series to have some ideas of what we might see. Heads up, these predictions will contain major spoilers for the first game, so if you haven’t played it, turn back now.

Obviously there’s something to be said for the deliberate nature of the game being titled Xenoblade Chronicles 2. With Xenoblade Chronicles X serving as a spiritual successor (though one could argue for its potential as a direct sequel as well) it appears this new title will be much more in line to what dedicated fans of the series are used to.

I think the one thing we can all agree on is that the sword that the new boy is holding is clearly some type of Monado. I don’t believe it’s the exact one Shulk used, because Alvis, who embodied the weapon, seemingly stepped out of his role. That being said, this Elysium that the game seems to want to focus on, might be an allusion to the world created after the battle with Zanza in the first title.

All of this aside, the most pressing¬†aspect of the trailer for the second title comes from the lines of dialogue. Things like “I’ll travel to Elysium for you” and “I won’t let you stand in her way” combined with the fact that the red-haired girl featured in the video resembles the same color scheme as the boy’s weapon, I can only assume that this Monado will not be nearly as developed in strength as the one possessed by Zanza, yet even still, her character will likely share a strong connection with our hero. Maybe even a love connection.

It’s also worth considering that Mira, the world in which Xenoblade X takes place, features some very prominent elements that we may see again. X referenced content from the first game quite often, in a way that felt just slightly above your typical fan service. All I’m saying is that, there’s a possibility that’s worth entertaining, that these titles are somehow connected.

No matter what, there’s no doubt in my mind that we’ll be getting a new trailer at the very least during Nintendo’s E3 presentation, or at least some Treehouse footage and a release date. I personally hope to be playing Xenoblade Chronicles 2 very soon.

Written by Mustapha R. Price

Mustapha is a young yet spirited university student majoring in Game Art and Development. While he’s but a senior in college, he has an extensive history with the art of gaming journalism. Managing his own game review blog for several years, as well as attending events such as Boston FIG and PAX East has given him extensive experience in covering game news. His knowledge of game design also serves as a tool to develop finite understanding of what makes games work.

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