Xbox One Backward Compatibility Update: Four New Xbox 360 Arcade Games Revealed

Gabriel Brown
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32525625Microsoft continue their ongoing commitment in adding new Xbox One Backwards Compatibility titles to the list, now bringing the total to just a bit over 200 by adding four new arcade games.

June has proven itself to be a very busy month, with as many as 24 fresh new games arriving on the list from Microsoft, some of the biggest being Fallout: New Vegas, Portal 2, and a personal favourite of mine: Left 4 Dead 2.

Four new games have been added so far this week, all of which just so happen to be Arcade games, meaning that many of them don’t hold a high ranking on the feedback side of things. These four were Bloodforge, Go! Go! Break Steady, Gripshift, Mars: War Logs and Blood Knights. The only title from the latest batch not published by Microsoft Studios is the arcade game Mars: War Logs, which is a Focus Home Interactive game.

Admittedly, I have never heard of any of these four, but that is part of the cleverness of the backwards compatibility scheme, it allows gamers to be notified of games that don’t necessarily have to be AAA games- such as in this case, arcade games.

While fans are still waiting for some major games to make it to the list, some like the original ‘Call of Duty: Black Ops,’ has already been added. In the meantime, find a new game you’ve never heard of?

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