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WoW: Return to Karazhan Coming October 25th

World of Warcraft has been doing well once again, thanks to the launch of its incredible new expansion, Legion. This month, a new patch will launch to give access to even more spectacular content. This time, it’s taking the form of Return to Karazhan. 

The new dungeon is highlighted in the video below.


Karazhan has been the talk of the town lately. Between its crucial role in the Warcraft movie, and the new Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft adventure, taking place at Medivh’s party, this tower has been a major focal point for players as of late.

If you’re interested in learning more about this patch, there is a Q&A video with some of the developers right on the website’s dedicated patch notice.

As always, aside from a new dungeon, we will be seeing some fine tuning and balancing of individual classes to make sure they’re all more viable.

The developers discuss the difference between balancing for PVP and balancing for raids and many other aspects of the game. There is an hour worth of discussion, so many pertinent questions receive their answers.

Again, the Return to Karazhan 7.1 patch will launch on October 25th. Happy questing to all you players out there!

Written by Mustapha R. Price

Mustapha is a young yet spirited university student majoring in Game Art and Development. While he’s but a senior in college, he has an extensive history with the art of gaming journalism. Managing his own game review blog for several years, as well as attending events such as Boston FIG and PAX East has given him extensive experience in covering game news. His knowledge of game design also serves as a tool to develop finite understanding of what makes games work.

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