If you still don’t know anything about this free-to-play game/tool, Worlds Adrift, then you’ve been missing out on a great deal of fun and creative freedom. To put it nicely and simply, you are given one floating island and basically, you can do  whatever you want with it.

Create your own terrain, obstacles and levels, and maybe, just maybe, your island will become a part of the final game. The publisher, Bossa Studios, came up with this great concept, that we think other studios should look up to.


They are giving its fans something to work with, and they want them to get involved in the process of making this game. That is definitely the best way to connect with your fans and create a great relationship with your audience. If you like this type of amusement, as much as we do, and if you have some bright ideas and the time to make something magnificent, download this tool for free via Steam and start making your own world. If you want, you can submit you work to the Bossa Studios and have it presented on youtube with a commentary from the one of the Worlds Adrift designers. Become part of something big just like these guys  in the video below and show them your skill as a builder as well as a designer.


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