When you have a world filled with lore, it often gives you many avenues of which to take new content. That especially goes for villains who might show up down the line. World of Warcraft has a world in Azeroth that is filled with lore from many different races as well as the world itself, which has lead to several expansions that focused on that lore. Such as the rise of the new Lich King, the return of Deathwing, and even now with Legion and resurrection of Sargeras. But, that still leaves a question of, who comes next?

Believe it or not, this is a question that World of Warcraft fans have been asking for a while, as many viewed Sargeras as an end-boss for a long time, yet the MMORPG seems to be nowhere near ending. So, who’s next? Well, Reddit user Lionhearte dove deep into the lore of Azeroth and found quite a few characters who could be the focus of future expansions or even patches. For as he notes,”This list has a little over a dozen baddies, some of which may be used in future patches (7.3+) or even entire expansions based around them.”

World of Warcraft

His list includes memorable characters like Mal’Ganis, who was the jailor of the original Lich King, and was the one who guided his replacement to take the throne. He also lists Lord Jaraxxus, who is “everyone’s favorite Eredar.” Sathrovarr the Corrupter could be another contender, and his importance was shown in the Burning Crusade expansion, so bringing him back would have continuity. Kel’Thuzad served the Lich King and lead many forces, yet survived the overthrowing of the king. Or perhaps, Queen Azshara, who was the original leader of the Legion many players face now, and is responsible for the deaths of millions on Azeroth.

Who do you think could be the next main villain for World of Warcraft? One of the ones on the list? Or do you have a better candidate? Let us know in the comments below!


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