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Whether alone or with others, gaming can be a powerful experience. However, there is a dark side to gaming, especially within the many titles that have online communities. What happens on those forums, those communities, or even just online chats can be very harmful, and it’s lead a lot of gamers to avoid these groups as they view them as toxic. One such online community is World of Warcraft, but that certainly doesn’t mean all of its players are bad.

Take for example player Arnathon, who notes on the forum that we as gamers should all try to be nice to people. Because we are all people, not numbers or letters on a computer. What makes him the most sad though is that he feels that we as gamers aren’t getting better at this:

“I get the feeling gamers in general are just getting worse and worse in this sense.”

World of Warcraft
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Even sadder still is that a lot of people in the gaming community are so numb to what’s going on, that they consider the hate and language being thrown around as “normal gaming talk,” with excuses like “Welcome to the internet” as some kind of justification for the talk. This doesn’t please Arnathon, nor other World of Warcraft players who just want to enjoy the game and talk with otherplayers without fear of insults and foul remarks.

Sadly, a lot of those kinds of people responded to this thread with crude remarks. However, there were a few who responded with acknowledgment of the sentiment:

“Agree 100%” states player Tanvar.

Do you hope for a cleaner, kinder, more friendly World of Warcraft community? Or just a kinder gaming community in general? If so, please let us know in the comments below.


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