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World of Warcraft fans have raised the question as to whether the MMORPG is accommodating enough for alternative characters (alts). Similar to the majority of the games in this particular genre, players have the opportunity to create more than one character on their accounts. This is something that a player will devote less time to, as opposed to their main character. A player’s main is often the highest level, most powerful and usually the oldest character on their account, though it’s a rather subjective approach depending on the player.

With that in mind, certain fans feel that World of Warcraft provides an unfriendly platform for alternative characters. The initial question was posted by user Motors:

Why have the Devs seen fit to make the game so incredibly alt unfriendly? Why make it like having a job to have alts? What is the point? Do you not want people to enjoy more than 1 character?

The consensus in terms of why the game might not be so accommodating refers to a Q&A in which Blizzard suggested they didn’t particularly favor players using alternative characters, preferring users to focus on their mains. Some may find this contradictory in relation to the game’s replay value, given that they would surely spend more time playing WoW with extra characters.

There are known restrictions for alts, revolving around trading at auction houses and not being able to be logged in simultaneously with others on the same account. Yet not everyone feels that World of Warcraft is particularly unfair, especially where the Legion expansion is concerned. User Oomoom replied:

I disagree that legion is still alt unfriendly. After 3 hours played at 110 on my hunter I had a level 35 artifact and 860 ilvl. I’m at 870 something now after only a few more hours.

Do you feel that World of Warcraft is unfair on alternative characters? Let us know in the comments section below.


  1. Hi just a question
    What is the name of set of paladin in the picture? If it is a set.. or at leasr name of shoulders/head piece

  2. I think the game is still a little alt unfriendly, and in some cases, alt spec unfriendly, despite the changes or additions Blizz made to make it not so. What Oomoom said is possible, but he worded it as if one can farm enough AP in 3 hrs to max out their wep. It takes millions of AP to do so. For that to happen in 3hrs, he had to have a high research level. He mailed the catch up book from his main, and used whatever resources he gathered from leveling to continue research from the Legion app to 25, all without having to log in to skew his played time. Blizz also made it that level 101s can wear 840+ BoE gear. Then he’d collect AP in addition to gearing within 3hrs.

    However, there’s more to the alt-unfriendlyness than gear or AP grinds. Class mounts, legendary wep skins, 3-star profession patterns gated behind rep, spec-specific legendaries…


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