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World Of Warcraft Players Unhappy With RNG Mounts

Acquiring special items or mounts is a key part of many MMORPGs, and as such how you get the items is just as important as the items themselves. If you get them via a quest or doing a certain task, that’s understandable, as it’s a reward. However, if you have to get a certain amount of something for only a chance at getting said item, then that may not seem fair. That’s the current dilemma of World of Warcraft players when it comes to certain mounts.

The issue was brought up by user Guï, who notes his frustration with Blizzard over making special mounts obtainable only through RNG instead of purchases or quests. For those who are unaware, RNG (short for random number generator) is a lottery of sorts used in many games, especially RPGs. So even if players accumulate the amount necessary to try and get the new Legion mount that’s about to be offered, there’s a solid chance they won’t due to RNG. This frustrates Guï, who says “instead of giving us the new legion rep mounts as an exalted vendor item as it has been tradition, you once again prove yourself not to care what the player wants, we are sick of your RNG.”

World of Warcraft Mounts

Other World of Warcraft players aren’t happy either, as they too don’t want RNG attached to potential mounts. “I don’t want RNG for mounts unless they are a boss drop,” user Monsterbaby says. “I still haven’t gotten the fox yet and some people have gotten it 7-8 times on the same character.”

Some players even state that this isn’t just a mount problem, but a problem with items as a whole during the lifetime of Legion, as “any good or significant reward needs to be hidden behind an RNG wall.”

What do you think? Do you think World of Warcraft is using the RNG mechanic too much? Let us know in the comments below.

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