World Of Warcraft Players Unhappy With RNG Mounts

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by GlyphMasterson

Acquiring special items or mounts is a key part of many MMORPGs, and as such how you get the items is just as important as the items themselves. If you get them via a quest or doing a certain task, that’s understandable, as it’s a reward. However, if you have to get a certain amount of something for only a chance at getting said item, then that may not seem fair. That’s the current dilemma of World of Warcraft players when it comes to certain mounts.

The issue was brought up by user Guï, who notes his frustration with Blizzard over making special mounts obtainable only through RNG instead of purchases or quests. For those who are unaware, RNG (short for random number generator) is a lottery of sorts used in many games, especially RPGs. So even if players accumulate the amount necessary to try and get the new Legion mount that’s about to be offered, there’s a solid chance they won’t due to RNG. This frustrates Guï, who says “instead of giving us the new legion rep mounts as an exalted vendor item as it has been tradition, you once again prove yourself not to care what the player wants, we are sick of your RNG.”

World of Warcraft Mounts

Other World of Warcraft players aren’t happy either, as they too don’t want RNG attached to potential mounts. “I don’t want RNG for mounts unless they are a boss drop,” user Monsterbaby says. “I still haven’t gotten the fox yet and some people have gotten it 7-8 times on the same character.”

Some players even state that this isn’t just a mount problem, but a problem with items as a whole during the lifetime of Legion, as “any good or significant reward needs to be hidden behind an RNG wall.”

What do you think? Do you think World of Warcraft is using the RNG mechanic too much? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. For me I am ok with RNG IF… you don’t have to collect or DO xyz to get a CHANCE at it. Like farming rep or items to turn in so to speak and then you only have a chance at it and with my luck it won’t be a good chance. So, what would happen for me is I’d not even bother trying for it. I am over all ok with RNG I guess, even though I don’t hit very often, it’s a roll of the dice so to speak and I can live with it.

    Kelly on March 14 | Reply
  2. I think mounts should be boss drops, from completing quest lines, wild drops but not RNG. Is it really fair to the players that have purchased the game month after month for years to try for the say fox quest to drop for them when someone else has gotten it dropped several times already?

    janet howard on March 14 | Reply
  3. Its hard to say how fair it is. Some players play so much that if it were simplified for those who dont have the time other would be unhappy about how “unrare” it is. It does suck to hear prople have gotten something 7-8 times over on you, but thats just the way it happened. People are going to be unhappy no matter what is changed.

    TEIJAH on March 14 | Reply
  4. The rng system for a lot of things is bs. I’ve opened 60. Emissary at once no legendary.. Also killing bosses, mythics and who knows how many world quests..not one across any of my toons. Yet the first nightfallen emissary drops the fox mount (which I didn’t even want tbh) yet someone comes in 1 day after 110 and has had 1 drop and a week later another drop for them. I’ve given up hope on a lot of the rng crap blizzTard has done. The system is so flawed it’s crazy.

    Matt on March 14 | Reply
  5. Here’s an idea. Treat them like legendary. As you attempt a rng mount and it doesn’t drop cause it’s a .01 percent chance mount, the next time it’s now a fraction higher. I guess like the effort point system. Although I know some people with double digit legendaries. Don’t make rng mounts that easy but easier than the current system. The more attempts you put into it account wide the higher the drop rate increases each time. For example, if you have been farming mimiron head from ulduar since wotlk on say 10+ toons weekly by now in legion you should be around let’s say 10 percent or so over the years. That’s a heck of lot better than the proverbial .01 percent.

    Michael on March 14 | Reply
    • “As you attempt a rng mount and it doesn’t drop cause it’s a .01 percent chance mount, the next time it’s now a fraction higher.”

      Sorry, that is NOT haw random works – if it is 0.01 percent one time, it is the same every time. Flipping a dice does not affect the next time you flip it. It just doesn’t work that way.

      Frank on March 15 | Reply
      • You should reread what he said. He didn’t say that is how rng works, he offered that as a potential replacement system for the current rng system.

        Danyo on March 15 | Reply
      • He’s not saying that’s how it works, he’s saying it would be nice/better if it worked like that.
        My years of trying weekly for invincible on three toons agrees with him.

        Still no horsey on March 15 | Reply
        • It wouldn’t be better because you obtain a level of prestige in a sense from earning the mount you farmed for so long imo. If you do that, what’s the point of getting the extremely rare to obtain mount? If everyone else is being given it.

          Matthew on March 16 | Reply
  6. I agree with this post entirely. RNG is overused and should only be used for raids and dungeons and such. If you have to collect a certain amount of something just for a chance to get it and you don’t, grinding all that out again is VERY boring. I just got bored with the WQ and I haven’t properly played in over a month, regardless of still being subscribed.

    Andi on March 14 | Reply
  7. I hate the RNG for mounts. I do the Nighrfallen quests on three different rooms when they are up and I still have no fox mount. On the other hand all of my rooms have two or three legendariea!

    Keoth on March 14 | Reply
  8. I hate RNG. Not just for mounts, but for gear too. And what is up with giving gear drops that we can’t use? For example I have a 850 piece, and they drop a piece that is 830. How the heck is that going to help me in anyway? It isn’t. RNG makes it so I don’t want to run raids or dungeons any more. Why bother if I am not guaranteed a chance at anything by my own rolls? Why run the same stuff time after time, waste time and effort(and repair gold) only to never get what I need? Sure, nice group mates could trade it to me. But so far the only group mates who have ever given me gear drops I need were guild mates who didn’t need the item. Never have I come across a pug group mate who was willing to trade to me. Would be nice to go back to how things were with Master Loot. At least that way people knew they had a better chance of getting things they needed. That it was depending on our “rolls” and not some random computer generated lottery number.

    Blair on March 14 | Reply
  9. Yes they’re using it too much. Even tab targeting is RNG (well that’s what we joke at home anyway). But seriously, they DON’T listen to us regular players. It’s the L33T crews that they care about.

    Tina on March 15 | Reply
  10. Some are unreasonable. .o1% or less for a timed event. That is too low. 1-2% for a timed event sure. I have a fair chance. But I am personally fine with mounts on world bosses tgat never go away, I can kill week after week sure low chances like .01 are fine. Why try for mounts like the v-day mount when I know I have no realistic chance at getting it

    Nicole on March 15 | Reply
  11. RNG is awful. As an herbalist and Alchemist I have farmed thousands of herbs and made hundreds of flasks and yet the rank 3 for the herbs and flasks eludes me. Yet friends level an alt and get rank 3s on multiple herbs and flasks. Let me kill a boss for the rank 3 recipe like some other professions. Not this horrid RNG chance at it dropping the quest when picking an herb or while making a flask.

    Peter Velez on March 15 | Reply
  12. This isn’t exactly new! I mean, the smelly horse in Strath has a 0.1% drop. Anzu was a rare drop, the Zulian Tiger was a rare drop. All these were RNG. Remember getting eggs weekly for a chance at the Green Dragon in Sholazar? How many times did we run Ulduar JUST for a chance at Mimiron’s head?

    Damo on March 15 | Reply
  13. It took me more than 250 runs killing Onxyia before her mount finally dropped for me. The Mammoth from the Vault of Archevon similarly took 185+ runs. Its why we hate RNG. Id rather complete a series of quests, raise rep with a faction, and earn it or buy it.

    Daedeluss @ Stormreaver on March 15 | Reply
  14. I personally hate mount drops via RNG. I have played since 2007 just about daily, and there are mounts that I have never gotten, no matter how many times I run the instance. And kill the boss, both solo and in groups. I would prefer to have the mounts drop after some difficult quest line or exalted with a faction, not the random bullshit that is wow now. Because, some times, after so many tries after a mount, you realize it will never happen, so u just quit trying for it. There are mounts from burning crusade I gave never gotten, and I won’t ever have. And that is how R NG goes.

    RavenRayne on March 15 | Reply
  15. In older content, they did this. I can remember how frustrating it was to rep grind The Oracle’s rep in Shalozar Basin and then have to purchase an egg that would hatch every three days and give you an RNG chance to get the Green Proto-drake mount. However, after I got the mount, I was happy Blizzard did it the way they had. It made the mount harder to get and more like I was one of the only people who put in the time for it. I personally think Blizzard needs to revamp their RNG system because it has been screwed up for all of Legion, but I don’t think people who usually complain about the RNG of the game are those that appreciate it to the level they need to. Not everything is handed on a silver platter with a participation medal, just saying.

    Jerad on March 15 | Reply
  16. I think the rng system is overused and needs to be adjusted or replaced with something different. Nothing says aggravating like seeing brand new players get the same rng item many times, while folks who’ve been farming that item for years have yet to get it. Even worse when it’s rng on top of rng. Like farming an rng mount, then having a roll-off with an rng chance of you winning it. Even better – the alchemy sandstone drake pattern acquired through archeology from Cata. An rng chance of getting a dig site in Uldum, an rng chance of getting a canopic jar, and an rng chance of the pattern dropping from it.

    Scorcher on March 15 | Reply
  17. I’m fine with the RNG and beside it’s easier when you have more than 10 alts at level 100 to 110. It will increase the chance of getting mounts over time. There was a friend of mine who got all of the mounts that dropped from dungeons and raids (prior to Legion) in only 3 months using 10 alts. It’s not that bad as you think it would be.

    Joey on March 15 | Reply
  18. Crying like a MF bitch. RNG has been around before you was sucking on your mom’s tits.

    The whole point of rare mounts in-game is to keep looking back to that instance. They’re not even hard too. Most of them takes 20min. A lot of them takes less.

    Joester on March 15 | Reply
    • Could not stated it better, i was at somewhat at rage to this stupid post and these people not willing to grind…

      F…… stupid… rng is rng it’s meant to be flavour so not all have all and have something to do, people are too lazy nowadays.

      Many thanks Joester for this this excellent post reply.

      vincent derne on March 16 | Reply
  19. Never give up on the RNG drops from bosses. I got the old school Modnight the other day from Kara. Just went over there after about the 30th run and finally got it. It will happen! Same with Ashes of Al’ar and Vitreous Stone Drake.

    Andrew on March 16 | Reply
  20. Honestly, RNG Mounts are good for those to show off that they put work into farming them. If they were meant for everyone then they would be easy as hell to get them and not really worth it unless you liked style of the mount and wanted to ride one that everyone else had. For example the Old Kharazan Horse Mount that people collect and get lucky for epeen. If we give into millenial B.S. then we are just becoming like the democratic hillary supporters and giving those laazy poor scrubs what they want to have but not work for. Just saying.

    Matthew on March 16 | Reply

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