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World Of Warcraft Players Unhappy With Mage Tower Challenge

Blizzard has been taking a lot of flak recently because of the recent World of Warcraft 7.2 patch. Though it’s true that this patch did bring a lot of new content to the game, including new PvP and PvE instances, there were a lot of curious choices that were made that players are calling them out on. There was the growth of items for female Blood Elves, the scaling of enemy HP due to the items you were holding (which Blizzard acknowledged they’d fix), and now, the Mage Tower content is being called into question by a group of players.

The Mage Tower is a special area that is meant to be a “solo challenge,” or not meant to be played in a group, and many players have appreciated it. However, for anyone who is playing a Tank-type of character, you’re likely not enjoying it at all. Many players are voicing their frustration over not being able to complete the challenge for one reason or another. This includes player Kneikensk (who plays as a Death Knight), who started the thread about the tower to voice his particular frustration:

“There are simply way too many mechanics at the same time for the human brain to handle. The only tanks (mostly guardian druids) who managed to beat the challenge are those who have an extremly high item level and banged their heads against this wall dozens, hundreds of times.”

He honestly doesn’t know how Blizzard wants him to beat this tower with his tank character. Especially when the NPCs with him randomly die, or worse, the tower itself glitches and he’s left alone with nothing to do, and thus, no way to advance. This has apparently happened more than once.

World of Warcraft

Other players voiced their frustrations as well, noting that the Mage Tower was totally unfair to their Tank characters. “That challenge as a whole kinda just feels like a ‘be a bear or GTFO’ scenario, kinda like the whole mythic tanking raiding scene for the past 3 raids,” said player Lightslayers.

What do you think? Is the World of Warcraft Mage Tower too tough for this class of character? Should Blizzard work to fix it soon? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. its called a challenge for a reason, you lazy cucks. You are killing this game because blizzard won’t hand you everything. fuck off

    • I started playing WoW two Months ago, and I was very excited when I first heard about these “Class Challenges”. I heard they were going to be quite challenging, so as a VERY good, hardcore player, I thought I could get my new artifact skin before everyone on my server-even the region. When I tried the challenge for the first time, I died before I could get the boss to 90%. THAT SHOULD BE A INSTANT QUE TO BLIZZARD THAT THE CHALLENGE IS TOO HARD!!!!! How can I not kill the boss as at 876 ilvl?!! Blizzard better fix! I won’t be spending ANYMORE of those nether shards on this shit until blizzard nerfs the fights. And FUCK YOU CALEB!

  2. This is supposed to be hard as hell. Thus the name “Challenge”. Get a higher ILVL and then try. This shit aint for people who are in mid status of Expansion, this is End Game Content. ILVL 900 and up. Stop complaining. People say the games to easy, and then complain when they add some hard shit. Get GOOD!

  3. I think people are missing the point of this post lol. It’s not complaining that the challenge is too hard, it’s saying that it’s near impossible for non bear tanks lol. As an ilvl 880 Prot Warrior shouldn’t be getting 1-2 shot (with ignore pain up). Sure I can get a higher ilvl, but surely that’s not going to prevent me from getting nuked in a solo challenge lol.

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