World of Warcraft

PvP is one of the most important aspects of an MMORPG, because it allows players to battle one another and test out how they built their characters. However, when the PvP itself is imbalanced, it’s not fun. Especially if there’s a lot of work required just to have a decent length match. This is apparently what’s about to happen to World of Warcraft players via a new update from Blizzard.

To give a little background, it’s very common for MMO players to do multiple runs of the game with multiple characters. That way, they get to see multiple sides of the game, and get to have a fresh experience as they bounce back and forth between them It also helps liven up the PVP experience. However, Blizzard has now made it that all PVP matches for characters level 35+ will have Traits enabled.

What does this mean? Well, it means for those who have grinded one character to its max potential in PvP, will have a huge advantage over other characters, as traits are a big part of the grinding process. Before, with them not enabled, it was a more level playing field. But now, as players of the game note on, you have to have a fully built character to more or less compete in PVP matches due to traits being used. Players have decided to express their view on the official forums.

“…so someone with 54 traits will be doing 14.5 % more dmg than others…”

For some players, they just don’t like the fact that those who¬†focused on one character will barge in and decimate other opponents, while others are really confused that Blizzard allowed this at all. Why? Because it seems to go against their own thoughts for what PVP should be, as well as making the character templates to help keep everything balanced.

So, does World of Warcraft now have an imbalance in 35+ PvP? Let us know what you think below!


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