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What Would World Of Warcraft Players Change About The Game?

Every gamer has an opinion, that’s what makes us human. And because of the power of the internet, we have the ability to express that opinion. With video games, our opinions go beyond whether the games is “good” or “bad,” but we also think of “what would make this game better?” Almost every gamer thinks that at some point, regardless of the game or genre. For World of Warcraft players, they were asked to voice their opinions on the forums.

Now, this may seem like a loaded question, because everyone¬†has an idea. But it’s actually a fascinating look at what World of Warcraft players prioritize in terms of features that need to be changed.

For example, many players want assurances that raids and quests will be worth their time with rewards that aren’t completely based on chance. They feel the dependency on RNG has been amplified by recent expansions:

“Get rid of the current luck dependency that Legion is based on with RNG stuffed into every one of its orifices for a start,” says user Harlee.

For others, the classes and stats are what need to be changed. Many gamers want stats like “versatility” removed, as it doesn’t add anything to gameplay. Furthermore, the desire for classes to be truly balanced and unique is another big thing players want. Even the Talent Tree was a thing that gamers wanted Blizzard to rework.

World of Warcraft
Alliance and Horde and their respective races. Image:

Some though want even baser changes, like leveling, for example:

“Revamp leveling, it is currently a complete and utter mess, I know from experience. Zero challenge, pacing out of control,” states user Merithel.

Then of course there’s the wishes that players have been asking for for a long time, such as PvP getting fixed, bugs finally getting repaired, and more. A few people were a little blunt in their requests, asking for the entire Blizzard team to be replaced. But aside from that, there were honest and logical suggestions throughout the forum post.

Do you have changes you would make to World of Warcraft? Let us know in the comments below!

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