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World of Warcraft Patch 6.2.4 Is Live

8X6XYEMB6A8K1447192637038 (1)This World of Warcraft patch is all about client bug fixes. Blizzard had to take action and investigate the problems regarding constant client crashing, due to the many reports they received from their players. Therefore, we have a long list of bug fixes that went live yesterday, March 24th. If you want to check out everything follow this link.


On the other hand, the developers wanted to improve the early-level game experience, which resulted in adding dynamic respawn timing to most outdoor areas going from level 1 to level 20. Furthermore, almost all quest bosses will increase their health depending on the number of players who are part of the fight. Also, the out-of-combat health regeneration for players below level 20 is significantly reduced, which means that you have to pay more attention towards your health bar and overall skill rotation if you plan to survive early game progression. As for the damage output, most strength and agility based characters will have lesser damage output until level 40. In this case, casters didn’t dodge the damage reduction, but the change isn’t that heavy.

From what we see, this is only the beginning. As it seems, the developers really want to bring back old leveling system. We are guessing it’s due to the all fast leveling videos we saw overflowing YouTube.

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