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Is World Of Warcraft Not A “Game” Anymore?

One of the hardest things to do in an MMORPG like World of Warcraft is to keep the player base happy. It’s not enough to just release new content, new expansions, and new events, the developers have to keep the quality of the game up. If the quality doesn’t match the content, then why should people play it? This is a growing question that fans are asking themselves because although World of Warcraft Legion has been good (certainly better than the last major expansion, Warlords of Draenor), some people are noticing continually bad things happening.

This goes especially for user Watchmeheal, who for the first time in 6 years (which is half of the time they’ve been playing World of Warcraft), has unsubscribed from the game. Watchmeheal admits that they hated doing that, but in their words, it’s just not a “game” anymore.

“And it’s not looking like anything is changing for the good; in fact, the opposite way, as nobody likes it. What a shame,” they note.

World of Warcraft PVP

For them, the last straw was patch 7.2, which has been getting a lot of flak from fans since release. In their opinion, there’s nothing significant in the patch, mainly because a lot of it is time-gated. “There is nothing.  Alts are locked inside of Dalaran, otherwise you want to use hours of the same storyline you have already completed.”

Watchmeheal went on to note about how the main PVP content just isn’t appealing in any facet and PVE isn’t doing much better. Thus, they’re unsubscribing and again, hate doing it as they love World of Warcraft but hate what it’s become. They feel they might come back, but it’s not going to be right now, and they fear where the game could be headed in the future.

The fanbase is a bit torn as some are vehemently behind what Watchmeheal said, while others aren’t so sure. Where do you fall in on this?

Written by GlyphMasterson

I am a writer, reader, dreamer, and believer that games and cartoons and comics aren’t a bad way to live. I am passionate about what I love, but do respect the opinions of others when they conflict with my own.

But if you don’t like Nintendo, you’re going down! lol


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  1. I agree. Love, love, love WoW, but just rinse and repeat. The community is what kept me around, but with no players except elite douchebags, makes it not fun. Plus, mob scaling sucks.

    • Mob scaling IS broken. But it is going to be fixed or removed. Blizzard already admitted it isn’t what had been intended. Their goal is to try to keep things interesting on older content. They are trying to fix the problem all NNOs have of players leveling out of content too fast thus defeating the investment it takes to make it in the first place.

      The first itteraton, scaling HP is a failure, fir sure (and it’s rumoured its release was a mistake anyway). Maybe a better AI, better adaptive mob tactics, would work better? That is MUCH harder to achieve when PUGs allow groups of such diverse skill and equipment levels.

      Still, they have to keep things fresh – if you do what you’ve always done, you’ll only get what you’ve always had.

    • The current devs have no imagination whatsoever. They dole out grindfests and call them ‘content’.

      It should be obvious to all and sundry that they just don’t care about the game anymore and Ion Whatshisface seems to be working overtime to kill WoW as fast as he can. In my opinion, he’s been poison to the game from day one.

      It also seems to me that they’re seeing how many subs will remain while they keep pissing players off as much as possible – just for their amusement.

      They’re deaf, dumb, blind and turned their backs on their player base the day they let Activision in (somewhere between the end of Wrath and the release of Cata).

      Their attitude sucks, their decisions are woeful and the game itself is dead (to me).

      I’ve just deleted my characters (all 45 of them) and cancelled my sub – after 9 years. They’ve got enough money out of me and have given absolutely nothing in return.

      They’ve lost my loyalty and respect and there’s nothing they can do now that will ever win me back.

  2. Good riddance. Been playing since beta and the game has gotten better every X-Pac. No other game comes close in content and replay ability.

    Unsubs will not be missed. Group finder and CRZ keep the game alive and populated.

    If you only had to do the content once, alts would be boring after 2 weeks. Keep up the good work blizz

    • Mostly agree, but WOD was a step back that Legion has made up for. I did unsubscribe during WOD about 8 months before Legion came out, but love Legion, and I’m pretty happy with 7.2 as well!

  3. Wow. You really need to get some new writers, because this is ridiculous. Aside from the horrendous grammatical errors, the article itself is pure trash. You talked to ONE guy, and he quit the game because he thinks it’s not a game anymore. Where’s the support for this argument? Where are the views of other players? There are plenty more players that are enjoying the game, and we don’t care about the views of this one guy that wants to whine about the game. If he wants to leave, then good riddance.

    • Hes basically showing the guys point of view, and hes right. Wow sucks now. I left and many i know left also. Why this game can be fun while trying so have fun?

    • I really have to agree. I’m all for using sites like Reddit and official forums as aggregates (or cesspools? lol) of information and player opinion, but like… This is literally, LITERALLY, just copy and pasting a forum OP and asking “so what do u think??” with an offensively inaccurate title. What the hell? Get some analysis going. Get some new perspectives. Argue or something, whatever it takes. But this is just… no, it’s not /only/ boring. It’s insulting. This journalism is just content-stealing drivel, drivel because it takes into *no* account the actual meaning of this information in a larger context. It just doesn’t even try. It represents an entire field of pseudo-journalism that flat-out refuses to acknowledge the argumentative or historical nature of this information and insults the reader while it’s at it. No. Thanks.

      (“Well, if you wanted that, why didn’t you go to the forums?” If I’m not going to the forums, then why do you think I would care about a copy/pasted forum post? This article is completely self-defeating and I can’t believe I’m even still typing tbh. Hmmm… Maybe this was a troll post all along…)

  4. This is just click bait for WoW players that still play and disagree with the unsub view. There is a debate about the functions of the new xpac, and it is going in on the WoW forums. Blizz does like to hear what their community thinks, as long as it is not QQing and quitting every month their Fury Warrior doesn’t get a damage buff in the patch notes. Good riddance to them. I suggest the author of this actually tries Legion. That way they can leave a much more respectable opinion. Their own.

  5. I agree. i have been playing since 2004, I used to enjoy the game. Now it’s like a grind. Legion reminds of Draenor with the rep grind to get gear. i used to play sometimes 13 hrs a day grinding mats and running dungeons to lvl my proff’s . i man 11 toon’s. But now i can’t even get on one more than a cpl hrs, I’m like ugh don’t want to do the grind to lvl stuff again.Wont run Mythic’s because people are assholes, If you cant keep up with their meters the cuss ya out and then boot ya.I am an 874 boomkin i can btw, but just don’t like the rudeness. i have watched guild’s fall apart since Draenor mine included all because of the dps race. No one plays for fun amymore.

  6. This is based on one persons opinion? Lets do a real poll in the community. I dont think you will come up with the same conclusion.

  7. One person unsubscribes and it’s a sign that WoW isn’t a ‘game’ anymore? Why would a person who ‘loves’ the game unsubscribe? Sounds like an angry basement nerd wah wahing that the game is too easy for n00bs.

    It looks like the general population disagrees however, subscriptions are up and dozens of gaming sites are raving about the patch. I know a ton of friends who love the new patch and are enjoying it.

  8. What are the credentials of GlyphMasterson? I have seen nothing but negativity from this person. I am sure there a lot of people out there very happy with the game and social activity the game provides.

  9. Honestly this expansion is better than some from the past. But i find that replaying the same content on alt after alt and hitting the same time gates and AK gates are getting tiresome. I dont feel compelled to play as much as before simply because.. been there hated that.

  10. I am of two minds about this really. I have searched for something better and WoW still brings me back. I do love wow. My husband and I met and bonded over wow. I have met and raided with great players. I don’t mind the grind (although I admit it can get a little tiresome after a while). I wish the person who had written this article had really expressed properly what he/she meant by it isn’t a game anymore. Sometimes it does feel that way … grind this, dungeon that, end game content. Rinse repeat. And if you aren’t in a raiding guild or work doesn’t permit the dedication, it can be frustrating to be pushed into a corner where end game content is the goal to reach. That being said, I also feel that Blizzard had made a rich lore centred world begging to be explored. There are a lot of things to do that don’t force end game content. I don’t think I will be unsubscribing any time soon.

  11. The slow death march towards irrelevance is why I no longer play. Wow used to be about people now the human interaction is all replaced with menus. Dungeons used to be challenging, heck zone mobs could take you out if you weren’t paying attention. Now it seems everyone is on autopilot. No need to interact or talk to anyone. Just queue and re-queue. You may find a good guild that is active and has some great people but in general, it’s all elitest douchebags who will kick you on a power trip. The core game and lore will always be special and amazing but it’s become diluted with xp packs that have dumbed down nearly every aspect of the game. I would love a version of WoW that brought back some difficulty and real choices like crafting professions that had an impact on the game or the old skill trees. Epic quest lines that required you to find friends or battles pitched in the enemies favor that required you to think and communicate with your party. When’s the last time a cc was needed in a dungeon? WOTLK?

    The article if you can call it that. More of an opinion piece is a mess but its intent and spirit ring true for me.

  12. Left this game last fall and i dont miss it one bit. Bunch of assholes trying to be better than everyone else. oh! I got a stupid legie too at lfr and it bored the f out of me. Ppl are racist, opportunitists, dont let others join or experience mythic +s. Blame you because you arent playing well and kick you out of the group, ive been there it fking sucks! They whine like a cry baby if you cant do a fking spell right, no patience!! Also ive played with the best players at earthen ring, and guess what happened to them? They stopped playing as well.

    Blizzard is a disappointment. Im happy playing FFXIV,FFXV atm.

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