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World Of Warcraft: New “Legion” Comic

legion comicFans of the popular Blizzard MMO are probably aware of the big expansion, “Legion” set to come out on August 30th. This big expansion will obviously continue the already large and immersive story of this golden franchise. Popular comic publisher Dark Horse has partnered with Blizzard to create a new free comic about this expansion. This comic, titled “Nightborne: Twilight of Suramar is available on numerous platforms including Kindle at no charge.

For those who don’t know, the Legion expansion will offer a very large amount of brand new content. This includes a new Demon Hunter class, which pre-purchasers will get early access to.

You have the option to join the immortal army of Illidan Stormrage, which I’m sure some of you are prepared for. The digital deluxe version of the expansion will come with extra mounts, including Illidari’s Felstalker mount.

There is also a 100 level boost option, so players interested in trying something new are able to dive right in and get to work.

The Legion expansion is set to launch at the end of August, with both a standard and digital deluxe edition. For more on the comic based on the expansion, head here to read it for free!

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