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Does World of Warcraft Have a Mobility Crisis?

The critically-acclaimed MMORPG World of Warcraft is never far from porblems being highlighted by members of the game’s community. This comes as no surprise given its immense popularity and huge player base. One such problem is the game’s mobility among particular classes, and how it somewhat hinders player’s experiences when it comes to raids and so on.

This was raised by community member Abacabb, who in a particularly lengthy post on the official World of Warcraft forums outlined the issues surrounding a so called mobility ‘crisis’. Abacabb raises the point that players “have to waste talent points on mobility”, before citing a cause of the issue being, “due to pvp and the perspective the developers have taken is from their own bias ones: melee outrunning melee.”

The mobility issue is concurred by Abacabb’s fellow community members, with Moistella for example who stated: “As a priest (not a good one) I concur about mobility seeming too much. Other players running out of healing range is the bane of my dungeon running life at the moment.” MVP member Ananda meanwhile recently replied: “I’ve been known to get lost in a new dungeon because I can’t keep up with the others.”

Though the thread poses a balanced argument (which you can read here), any sort of disadvantage among classes seems unfair when it comes to pace or movement. It’s all well and good to ask those who suffer to choose a more beneficial class to dungeon running or whatever you choose to take from the vast gameplay options World of Warcraft has to offer. But perhaps this is something Blizzard will look into fixing in the future, making it a smooth experience for all.

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