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World Of Warcraft To Launch Mythic Dungeon Invitational

Esports is a beautiful thing when you think about it. It’s a way for gamers to not only prove that they’re the best in the world at a certain game or genre, but also earn money and prizes. And let’s be honest, who wouldn’t want to earn money playing video games? Anyway, because of that, esports is constantly growing, and more and more companies are expanding how much they do in esports. This includes Blizzard, who announced a brand new invitational tournament set within World of Warcraft.

Dubbed the Mythic Dungeon Invitational, the tournament will be set within the “fast-paced, highly competitive world of Mythic Keystone dungeons.” And Blizzard wants the best to come out and play, for the prize you’ll be getting will be a chunk of a $100,000 reward. Also, the whole world is welcome to try and get it.

Now, though the world is welcome to play, Blizzard is setting up some requirements. Teams who want to take part in the tournament will have to prove themselves by completing a gauntlet of Mythic Keystone dungeons. Each one is increasingly more difficult than the last. If you score high enough, Blizzard will invite you to the tournament.

There will be 32 teams in total, “8 teams from the Americas, 8 from Europe, 8 from China, and 8 from Asia-Pacific.” So you’re going to have a lot of competition when it comes to trying to claim those spots.

So, how will this all work in regards to showing Blizzard what you can do? Well, the gauntlet itself will begin July 25th, and go until August 8th. Once the two weeks are done, you’ll need to submit your best score to Blizzard.

Be warned though, Blizzard is looking for teams that not only get the best scores, but are able to conquer multiple dungeons. So push yourselves to the limit if need be, or else you won’t get into this very special World of Warcraft tournament.

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