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World of Warcraft European Cup #1 Sign-Ups Available

Esports is easily one of the best things about gaming, because it’s a chance to prove to others that you are the best in the world in the game that you play. From fighting games, to shooters, racers, and even MMORPGs, esports are everywhere. For the World of Warcraft crowd, esports are big too, and so Blizzard is happy to announce that the European Qualifier Cup is available to sign up for now. This is part of the Arena World Championship.

For those who just want to watch, the EU Cup #1 finals (meaning the final eight teams) will air on Twitch on April 29-30th. For those who actually want to participate, here is what you need to know. It’ll be a 3v3 Arena tournament, and it’ll be a double elimination bracket. Team rosters are to be four players, but you can sign up with three. All matches are best of five. Tournament Mode is required for this, so if you don’t have it in World of Warcraft, get it before you sign up.

World of Warcraft PVP

There will be cash prizes for this tournament, with the winning team earning $3,000, and 2nd-4th place teams netting cash prizes too. Plus, for those who rank in the top six slots, you’ll get points for your team that’ll count towards your rank. The points system that was introduced for this year of World of Warcraft esports will determine who goes to the championship. The top 12 teams with the highest points will make it.

Now, if you want to sign up, you must do so before April 23rd. The tournament will take place ont he 27th and 28th. Then, the final eight teams as noted above will have their matches streamed live on Twitch.

Blizzard also encourages players to try and make their own tournaments. All approved player-organized tournaments can award points that’ll help determine who makes it to the championship.

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