The World of Tanks team has been working hard on their latest update, 9.18. Unlike many updates in the past, this one was made with one purpose in mind: to give players the chance to change the game. In this case, that meant that they went over player feedback and suggestions to try and craft something very special, all the while fixing things players believed should be fixed. And now, the update is here for all to see and experience.

First up, the World of Tanks matchmaking system has been overhauled with a brand new algorithm. This new one will emphasize not only fairness of matches, but speed in making sure you get a matchup as soon as possible. It’ll also go above and beyond to make sure that every position is filled and balanced in terms of number of vehicles regardless of rank.

Another update includes the extension of light tanks in Tier X in order to make the gameplay of World of Tanks more fun, as well as making sure they don’t get obliterated by higher ranking tanks. Tier X light tanks are hard to hit, and more than capable of dishing out damage to any in their way.

Finally, there’s been some big revisions on the SPG units. The Stun mechanic, which once made units incredibly powerful and deadly when teaming with others, has been altered to be both fair to opponents and those who use it. Now, you will weaken all vehicles within the splash radius of your stun shots via their mobility, accuracy, and reload times. Also, HE shells have had their damage and penetration lowered, and the team has removed AP, APCR, and HEAT shells for SPGs.

The World of Tanks team truly hopes you appreciate the changes and alterations in update 9.18. They really aimed to please with these adjustments.


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