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World of Warcraft players poke fun at expansions

In a game of “expansion titles we probably didn’t want”, World of Warcraft players have some fun with the critically acclaimed MMORPG.

World of Warcraft
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World of Warcraft is to date one of the most successful MMO titles ever published. It revolutionized the market when it came out in 2004, debunking names such as EverQuest and FINAL FANTASY XI. It continues to be the behemoth of online games despite the continuous spike in its player base, with each expansion introducing additions and changes that often result in a backlash from the devoted community. Many circles mourn old school World of Warcraft, whilst others endlessly discuss what will be the next MMORPG to surpass its accomplishment.

It comes as no surprise that, at this point, even the most loyal players have sour comments to spare, but the game played at the World of Warcraft community forums comes from a place of love. Inspired by a similar thread relating to the Return to Pandaria expansion, user Chawana asked the community to suggest expansion names that would make the toughest orc cringe. The result is a collection of awe-inspiring titles that are sure to snag at least a chuckle from veterans and newcomers alike, such as Nomi’s Kitchen, Ion’s Big Adventure, You’re Gonna Buy It Anyway, Orclords of Thrallnor, and Warlords of Cataclysm.

World of Warcraft first came out in 2004 and changed the MMO market, with later releases by other companies trying to mimic its formula and receiving the “WoW clone” label in the process, an inside joke that serves to summarize a theme park MMORPG delivering its most basic elements to a below average execution. Despite highly anticipated big hits like Square Enix’s FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn, Zenimax’s The Elder Scrolls Online, and the controversial Black Desert Online, no other title has been capable of even scratching the surface of World of Warcraft, one of the most played and mentioned MMOs in over a decade.

World of Warcraft‘s sixth expansion pack, Legion, was released in August 2016 to a favorable reception, matching the success of 2010’s Cataclysm with over 3 million copies sold worldwide.

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