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World Of Warcraft Player Feels Game Is Their “Home”

A lot of discussion lately around World of Warcraft has dealt with players feeling as though the game had run its course, and that they were no longer interested in it. And while those discussions and topics are valid, that doesn’t mean every player feels this way. In fact, there are those who could never leave World of Warcraft because of what the game has done for them. One such player has shown up on Reddit, and was happy to reveal their story.

This comes from Reddit user dreamfisher, who happily tells the tale of how long they’ve been playing the MMORPG. They’ve been with the game since the beginning, like the original game, or how it’s referred to now as “Vanilla”, and they’ve been with the game ever since.

“I started playing back in Vanilla, when I was around Anduin’s age. Now we are both adults, and I can’t help but feel like we’ve grown up together.”

But arguably what makes the experience even more fun for dreamfisher is that their siblings also played the game with them with as well.

“My sibligns have been playing for almost as long as I have, and whenever we meet and talk about our life, in between topics about work and school, there’s also the “I was passing through Feralas the other day, and…”, like it’s a completely natural, integral part of our daily experiences.”

The joy of simply being in World of Warcraft is enough for them, and at times they’ll just go and walk through Azeroth, not to do quests or fight battles, but to look fondly at the memories that they have made in this game. Now yes, not every player feels this way, but wouldn’t it be great if they did?

Written by GlyphMasterson

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