The Witching Hour Creeps Back Into DC Universe Online

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The Witching Hour is back! DC Universe Online has this event every fall, and it’s that time of the year, so prepare yourself for some horrors!


Both heroes and villains need to go to Gotham and visit the Midnight Masquerade Nightclub to confront the horrors that are haunting the place. Heroes will look for the Phantom Stranger in the East End Safehouse while the villains have to visit The Tap Room in Burnley and find Tala. When each faction finds who they need to find, they will give you further instructions.


Check your Mission Journal every day, as the Witching Hour rewards you with Spooky Bites when you complete missions for this event. These Spooky Bites can be used in the Skeets’ Boo-tique to buy the latest spooky costumes, tricks, treats, and other creepy items. But, what if you want all of these exclusive items but you just don’t have enough Spooky Bites? Well, you can visit the Marketplace and buy some.


Survival Mode: Oan Sciencells is also back with stronger enemies and even bigger challenges! Queue up as soon as you can and see how long you can survive against the wave of criminals that are trying to escape!

The full details of this update can be found here.

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