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Witcher Series Coming To Netflix

The Witcher video game series is based on the famous novels written by Andrzej Sapkowski. It’s been optioned into a gripping 3-part RPG series, a board game adventure, and even a game based on the card-game within the video game, Gwent. But now, The Witcher is getting an even bigger expansion, because it’s been revealed today that a Witcher TV series is coming to Netflix, and that production has already begun for it.

While this is hardly the first video game project to expand to other media, this is one you could argue has the most potential to make it work. The series will apparently be based on in the Witcher universe, and very likely won’t be about Geralt, the main character of The Witcher trilogy. But that might not be a bad idea, because this could allow a lot of freedom that wouldn’t be had if they based it solely off the video games instead of the books.

What’s also interesting about this is that the creator of the books, Andrzej Sapkowski, will be a part of this Netflix series as a creative consultant. He had this to say on the matter:

“I’m thrilled that Netflix will be doing an adaptation of my stories, staying true to the source material and the themes that I have spent over thirty years writing.”

Two producers have already been revealed for the show in Sean Daniel and Jason Brown who are known best for their work on The Expanse on Syfy.

Curiously, there is no word whether this is a live-action or CGI series. Platige Image is attached to the project, and they’re the ones who have done cutscenes for both the Witcher games as well as CD Projekt Red’s Cyberpunk 2077. And the director of that Cyberpunk Cutscene will be a director of at least one episode. So, could this be an animation show? Only time will tell.

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