The Witcher 3 Blood And Wine – Things You Need To Know

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Everyone already knows that our most respectful Witcher is going on another adventure. In this new, and also final, DLC we will be facing a new land with new, terrifying creatures and monsters.

But, do we want to rush into this new, unknown world? To be fair, from what we’ve faced so far, it might be a good idea to stop for a second and come up with a good plan.

The first on the list is leveling up. From what we know, the first mission in the new DLC Blood and Wine recommends us to be level 35 or above. So we think that the best plan would be to reach at least level 30 before going into the wilds.

Skill development

As it seems, boosting Igni would be a good choice. Because we’ll be facing a couple of new Cursed Ones and necrophage monsters. We are considering the premade character route because it offers a reshuffle of all ability points.

New skill tree

Mutagens! Whether you love them or hate them, you should consider saving a few skill points just for them. New DLC is bringing new mutagen skills that will come in handy. The ability to instantly freeze enemies will be a good addition to our arsenal. Piercing Cold is a new upgrade for Aard sign and we’ll definitely try it out.

Armor Development

With a new Grandmaster armor option, we are able to make our Griffin or Feline armors stronger. But, on the other hand, we are introduced to the new Manticore armor, so we might go for that one too.


The bottom line, don’t take this new DLC too lightly and do proper preparations. Since this DLC for The Witcher 3 takes us on another 30-hours-long run, you will definitely want to save a few hours and not die too often. Right?


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