Wings Gaming are the The International 6 Champions

Wings Gaming has emerged victorious as the The International 6 (TI6) champions after defeating Digital Chaos 3-1. Congratulations to Wings Gaming and their players, “shadow”, “Blink”, “Faith_bian”, “iceice”, and...

Wings Gaming has emerged victorious as the The International 6 (TI6) champions after defeating Digital Chaos 3-1. Congratulations to Wings Gaming and their players, “shadow”, “Blink”, “Faith_bian”, “iceice”, and “Innocence” on their incredible achievement. They will forever be immortalized on the TI6 Aegis of Immortals and, of course, be awarded the insane prize of $9,124,693.

TI6 - Wings Gaming Players

Beginning their TI6 journey all the way from the Chinese Qualifiers, Wings Gaming showed early signs of being champion material. They tied with EHOME in the Chinese Qualifiers Round Robin, and later defeated EHOME in the 1st place tiebreaker match.

For the Group Stage, Wings Gaming were placed in Group A along with formidable opponents such as OG and Evil Geniuses; however, that did not stop Wings Gaming from placing 3rd in the group with a record of 3-2-2.

Wings Gaming’s first opponent in the Main Event was Digital Chaos. That series would later prove to be indicative of how the grand finals would resolve. With a 2-1 victory over Digital Chaos, Wings Gaming battled against MVP Phoenix, who had defeated OG, one of the favorites to win TI6, 2-1. Despite MVP Phoenix’s upset victory against OG, Wings Gaming did not falter, and defeated MVP Phoenix 2-0.

Wings Gaming’s opponent for the upper bracket finals was the reigning champions of TI5, Evil Geniuses. Heading into the upper bracket finals, Evil Geniuses had already slain two Chinese teams, Newbee and EHOME. Wings Gaming avenged their fellow countrymen and sent Evil Geniuses packing to the lower bracket finals with a clean 2-0 victory.

Evil Geniuses went into the lower bracket finals, but were not able to get out. After being defeated by Wings Gaming in their first series of the Main Event, Digital Chaos plowed through the lower bracket to get their chance at revenge. The stage was set. Either the favorites, Wings Gaming, or the huge underdogs of TI6, Digital Chaos, would be crowned champions.

Riding the momentum from their tense series against Evil Geniuses, Digital Chaos took the first game of the grand finals. Wings Gaming didn’t let that loss demoralize them. Under the guidance of Innocence, Wings Gaming devised hero compositions to overcome Digital Chaos’s most comfortable picks. The result was three breathtaking matches, all ending with Wings Gaming as the victors.

Ti6 - Wings

If you missed the grand finals for whatever reason, I highly encourage you to watch the VODs to witness some of the highest level of competitive DotA ever. Again, congratulations to Wings Gaming and their players for becoming the champions of the TI6. I had a wonderful time following this event, and I cannot wait for next year!

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