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Will The Recent Splatfest Encourage Splatoon 2 Sales?

Yesterday, Nintendo did something very special. They had a World Premiere Splatfest for Splatoon 2, even though the game isn’t coming out until Friday. Despite that, fans flocked to the event, and for four glorious hours they played Turf War with friends and against rivals around the world for the simple joy of deciding whether Ice Cream or Cake was the better dessert. Splatfests were one of the things that made the original Splatoon such a big hit, so it was an inspired idea to release a free demo to play the first one to get people hyped.

Nintendo released a tweet showing off the numbers of the Splatfest, where Ice Cream won handily, even though Cake did win the team matches somehow. Regardless, it was a fun event.

But for some, the question of the Splatfest is rather, “Did this make you want to buy Splatoon 2?” This comes from Reddit User PokeChamp100, who made an interesting observation based on what they saw during the Splatfest:

“It seems that people don’t really want Splatoon 2 now that they have played the Splatfests. Are you still buying it Day One?”

This is an interesting question, as the intent was to no doubt encourage buying, but will that be the case? As the community would let it be known, it’s really a case about internet rather than the game itself. As one of the few Nintendo franchises that requires an internet connection in order to play the bulk of the content, some fans simply can’t play it, and thus won’t buy it.

However, there are those who are eagerly craving Splatoon 2 and can’t wait for it to release. The original game sold millions on the Wii U, so the success of Splatoon 2 will be compared to how the original did. The game is set for release on Nintendo Switch on July 21st.

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