Will You Be Playing Titanfall 2?

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Titanfall 2 is finally here, which means we get to do parkour and pilot giant robots once again!


Unlike the first game, Titanfall 2 features a single player campaign, which will bring us some masterfully made experiences that will mix the fast-paced combat, giant robots, and some new ideas to bring a really innovative and fun single player campaign. In the single player campaign, you will play as Jack Cooper, a rifleman that has to team up with a Vanguard-class Titan, BT-7274, to do a mission they were never meant to do. These two will have to work together to defeat any enemy they encounter, which will help them realize how powerful the pair is!

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Multiplayer is also a part of the game, of course, and once again we can expect some fast, fluid combat and giant robots. As in the first game, you have two ways of playing, either as the highly mobile, agile Pilot or the immensely powerful war machine known as a Titan. Networks are a new feature in Titanfall 2, and they serve as in-game social hubs that will be the player’s home base in the multiplayer mode.
Titanfall 2 will release all post-launch maps, modes, and weapons for free! This starts on December 2, which is also the day when Respawn is releasing Angel City, a fan favorite map from the first Titanfall!

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