Will Hackers Ruin the Destiny 2 PC Experience?

Destiny 2, the sequel to Bungie’s popular MMO, was announced last week with plenty of exciting news attached to it. Perhaps the most exciting bit of news is that...

Destiny 2, the sequel to Bungie’s popular MMO, was announced last week with plenty of exciting news attached to it. Perhaps the most exciting bit of news is that Destiny 2 will not be confined to consoles, but rather will expand to the PC as well. This is a pretty major bit of information for those of us *cough* me *cough* who don’t personally own a console and do most if not all their gaming on a computer. But amidst all the excitement, I think a lot of us have forgotten a massive issue that plagues all online shooters on PC: Hackers. Will aimbots ruin the PC experience for Destiny 2? Let’s talk about it. But first, check out the full trailer for Destiny 2, titled “Rally the Troops.”

There’s no denying that fans of the franchise and newcomers to Destiny are excited at the prospect of this title. I myself have said on multiple occasions that if Destiny were on PC, I’d play it. So, rejoice! Come September 8th of this year, I’ll have my chance! But as happy as I am, I seem to be having flashbacks of Overwatch.

Yes, Overwatch. Blizzard’s competitive first-person-shooter that took the world by storm in May of last year. From its very inception, Overwatch has been crawling with aimbotters and hackers just looking to rise up in the competitive ranks. While PC players tend to have a wider variety of games to play and mods to explore, we are also far more open to these kinds of hacks. We’ve all been there. There was no way that Soldier 76 could be that accurate, right? It is incredibly frustrating and often leads to general distress, disappointment, and ultimately some rage-quitting.

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And Overwatch is certainly not the first game to be plagued with such cheaters. Throughout gaming history there have been cheaters and there’s often no way to stop them. The PC variant of Destiny 2 will be no different. There will be aimbots galore in Destiny 2 with no real way to moderate them. Is that enough of a reason to just boycott the PC version? Well, before we jump to boycotting, lets just take a closer look.

One quick Google search will tell you that there are already existing hacks for Destiny in its current console-only form that people can and do use. Plus, that Overwatch example I used two paragraphs ago? There’s a whole post on the Overwatch forums about people on PS4 using PC XIM4, a mouse and keyboard adapter for the console. Even Jeff Kaplan himself interjected, saying that Blizzard “objects to the use of mouse and keyboard on console,” so we know it’s a huge problem that already has the dev’s attention.

With that, I guess we can conclude that no matter what platform you game on, you’re going to run into some dirty, dirty cheats. While bringing Destiny 2 to PC will definitely exacerbate the amount of aimbots in game, it certainly won’t be the first time PC players will have dealt with this problem. If you like the game enough you’ll probably muscle through the cheesy hacks, report the player, and move on with your life anyway. But what do you think? Will you be buying Destiny 2 on PC? Or will the idea of hackers prevent you from doing so? You can pre-order you copy of the game on PC, PS4, or Xbox One right now to have access to the beta, or you can wait until the game fully releases on September 8th.

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  • THWIP71
    4 April 2017 at 4:42 am
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    No, that honor will go to Bungie/Activision.

  • FKU420
    4 April 2017 at 4:59 am
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    Why do a console website will care if is there are hackers on a PC version of a game?, game is complete server side like Destiny 1 you can’t even get to the menu if you are offline get your facts straight.

  • Pc gamer
    4 April 2017 at 8:32 am
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    If pc gaming was so filled with hackers that you console fanboys always claim it is, then it wouldnt have more multiplayer games than all consoles combined nor the top gaming youtubers would play on pc.

    Fraking fanboys.

  • William
    4 April 2017 at 1:57 pm
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    The fact is it’s completely fair to deny a game to the 95% of honest players because of a scummy minority who don’t care about ruining experiences for everyone around them.

  • Q
    8 April 2017 at 3:34 am
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    The important thing to take from this article is that the person who wrote makes this less valid after reading the second sentence that states Destiny 1 was confined to the PS4. Destiny 1 was not confined to the PS4, it was also on the xbox one AND xbox 360. Please check facts before you write an article.

    • Ashley Kemp
      8 April 2017 at 3:42 am
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      You’re very right and I’ve updated the article to reflect that!

  • Jake
    29 May 2017 at 6:35 am
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    A lot of console players just don’t get how much better a game is when its not p2p because that’s mostly all they’ve ever experienced. With dedicated servers you get communities that actually care about the people they play with. Hackers are removed almost instantly. Ping is only an issue if you choose to play on a server that is thousands of miles from where you live. When you lose its because your opponent was more skilled and never because of lag comp or some guy that you’ve seen cheat for weeks on end without punishment. For a game like GTA 5 that has no real ‘competitive’ play I couldn’t care less, but COD broke me on ever buying another shooter that allows some random player to be in control of whether or not the rules are enforced in the matches I play.

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