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Will There Be DLC For Horizon Zero Dawn?

Horizon Zero Dawn has been a big hit for PS4. While it was certainly a very hyped title, there were some that were skeptical about just how good and fun the game would be. As such, many were hesitant about getting it, yet the moment the reviews started coming out, they seemed to calm people’s minds. The game sold 2.6 million copies in just two weeks, which makes Horizon Zero Dawn the best selling new IP that Sony has ever had for the PS4.

But now that it’s been out for awhile, some fans are wondering what’s next for it. For one Reddit user, the question of DLC comes to mind: “I just started the game, and it’s really amazing, last time when I got vibes like this when I played the last of us. what do you think, there will be DLC in the future?” asks Receding 90.

This is indeed a big question and one that deserves consideration. The obvious answer is “yes.” After all, the game has sold millions (and is likely over three million and nearing four), and DLC would likely bring fans back or entice new ones into the game.

Horizon Zero Dawn

However, not everyone wants that, it seems:

“I’d rather a whole new game. Keep the same engine and a lot of the same features including combat, traveling etc. Forget DLC, let’s see HZD 2,” says Reddit User Endorphyne.

That’s the thing about DLC–while it does add stuff to the game in the short term, it’s nothing but a short term solution. With the success of the game, it’s very likely that there will be a Horizon Zero Dawn 2, and DLC could potentially delay that arrival if they’re focusing on that.

So, should the game get DLC first? Or should the team at Guerrilla Game be trying to make a sequel? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Do you guys even read? Or was this whole article just click bait? Guerilla Games confirmed almost a month ago that there will be incoming DLC for Horizon.

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