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Will Capcom’s New Stance On Nintendo Switch Include Monster Hunter?

Capcom has been one of the companies that has been dragging their feet when it came to the Nintendo Switch. In fact, their only game on it for months was Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers. AKA, a 25-year old port. Then, they said they would bring Resident Evil Revelations (part 1 and 2) to the Switch. Again…a port. So, when news broke that Capcom was bringing more new games to the Switch, including popular series Ace Attorney, fans were excited. But…another fan-favorite series should’ve been mentioned: Monster Hunter.

The Monster Hunter franchise is one of the most popular in Japan, and through many games, has been growing in popularity all over the world. So much so that numerous ports and original games have been made for a variety of systems. So, while this soon include the Nintendo Switch? Now, you may be saying, “But there is a game from there coming to the Switch!” Well…yes and no.

Yes, there is one called Monster Hunter XX, but, that’s a port of the 3DS version of the game, and as of now, it’s only coming to Japan. What we want is an ORIGINAL, and EXCLUSIVE game from the series, on the Switch. Is that too much to ask for?

I mean, they’re making a Western-focused version of the series with Monster Hunter World, why not show Switch owners the same love? We know Capcom has the creativity, they brought Monster Hunter Stories to the 3DS and it was greatly praised, so imagine what they could do on Switch?

What’s more, an upcoming game in Xenoblade Chronicles 2, not to mention Breath of the Wild, proves that the system can handle massive worlds with great detail, and have room for TONS of quests and monsters. So honestly, there’s no reason it shouldn’t be getting an original game on Switch that’ll release worldwide. Get to it Capcom!

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  1. So we’re going to ignore the fact that Monster Hunter 4, 4U and Generations were also on on the 3DS? Capcom’s given tons of love to Nintendo’s handhelds with the Monster Hunter franchise, I don’t see this changing with the Switch. The console version of Worlds is only going to sell okay (PC will probably actually still sell pretty well since Japan does a fair bit of PC gaming) and Capcom will be forced to admit that handheld is Monster Hunter’s true home, meaning that unless someone else starts making handhelds again, it’ll go back to being a Nintendo exclusive franchise.

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