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Will ArcheAge Merge Legacy Servers?

For an MMORPG, arguably the most important thing (outside of making sure the game is stable and playable) is to ensure that there are plenty of players on the servers. After all, it’s through players that the game makes money, and thus, the more players that are there, the more money they make. However, there is also a situation where having too few players on a single server could cause problems, and that appears to be happening in ArcheAge.

Players have been noting on Reddit that the Legacy Servers in ArcheAge aren’t reaching high population levels. In fact, only Kraken, Kyrios, and Reckoning were hitting those desired numbers. Publisher Trion Worlds has said that some new servers, called Fresh Start servers, are coming soon, leaving some to believe that a merging of the Legacy servers is coming. Certain players think that Hanure, Nazar, Morpheus, Salphira, Tahyang, and Ollo will go from six individual servers into three merged ones.

This makes sense to player Xtorting, who notes that:

“When Trion eventually releases a new Fresh Start server then they can easily increase the amount of servers to 9 or 10.”

This is a complex move, and one that Trion shouldn’t rush into without looking at each individual server and seeing what is happening there with the player base. While it’s true that having low numbers on a server is a bad thing, it’s also true that players sometimes like having low server numbers because it allows them freedom to do things without a giant risk of other players upending their plans.

Other Reddit users have weighed in on this with similar thoughts. However, many do feel that a merge of some kind is necessary. Some even believe that this should’ve happened months ago. But will this happen for ArcheAge? Guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

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