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WildStar Loses Lead Writer


Cory J. Herndon, WildStar’s lead writer has parted ways with Carbine Studios, according to a tweet he posted on Monday.

“(Business) day one of my post-Carbine era. Think I’ll start with editing some VO samples and preparing for phone interviews,” Herndon tweeted, much to the shock of his fans.


He followed up on this alarming tweet with a response to a few of his followers: “@MayorDasMoose @DragonKeepSL – What? Which is to say my last day was Friday. Time to seek out new adventures. Including VO work, I hope!”

The fact that Herndon plans to move swiftly on from Carbine has left many concerned for WildStar’s wellbeing, and Carbine Studios in general. This news follows the additional discharges of Mike Donatelli and Chris Behrens, who also left the development team late last week. Behrens has yet to comment on the reason for his departure, however, Donatelli cited health reasons for his exit.

The Company seems to be tightening its belt in recent months. The Sci-Fi MMO switched from a subscription model to free-to-play back in September. WildStar is scheduled to release on Steam this year, whether or not these losses will impact the intended release, or the game itself, remains to be seen.


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