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Is The Wii U Worth A Purchase For The Virtual Console Alone?

When it comes to how history looks at the Nintendo Wii U, more than likely it will not be looked upon favorably. It was by far the least sold Nintendo console of all time, with a meager 12 million being sold in its entire lifetime. From the outset, the console seemed to be doomed just because of the name alone. Nintendo decided to try and capitalize on the Wii boom and name its next console after it, but that confused people, making them think the Wii U was an extension of the brand, and not a new console.

So it wasn’t a surprise when Nintendo cut off production of the system to make way for the Switch, and lo and behold, the Switch is doing great. But, it’s not a perfect system either. Despite its mobility, and penchant for local multiplayer, there is one area that the system is lacking in: The Virtual Console. This look into the past of gaming has been a big hit with Nintendo gamers since it arrived on Wii. Yet, it’s not on the Switch, but it is on the Wii U.

For Reddit user PraisedMemnon, who is interested in playing the history of Nintendo games, they want to know if a Wii U is a worth choice:

“Is his U a good buy for someone that wants to catch up on 20 years of Nintendo? Or is the Switch going to be a better option anytime soon?”

The truth sadly enough is stranger than fiction, as Nintendo hasn’t let fans know if the Virtual Console is coming to the Switch. On the other hand, the Wii U does have a great roster of games, including titles rarely distributed through the Virtual Console like Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars, Pokemon Snap, and more.

Many Redditors agree that as a short term solution, she should get it. But as a long-term one? Well, we’ll just have to wait and see.

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