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What’s happening with PvE Damage in Black Desert Online?

Players all over  Black Desert Online are reporting tests they have done in regards to the damage done by the different classes. The question is, did the developers introduce a ninja cap in one of the patches done lately? Was there a  normalization in the PVE damage done across all the classes? Is this a bug or “working as intended”?  Maybe this is why some people have noticed that certain off-hands are more effective than before and this is not since the last “DP patch” but even before.

Test done by Proto


One possible conclusion about this is that each mob has now a damage cap since the last patch, so that if said mob has, for example, a 100 AP cap, then anything over it is just wasted. This just means that if you have a character with, say,  +200 AP, the killing speed will be the same as someone that has 100 AP on those same mobs. Basically, your AP gets severe diminishing returns past 200 against all monsters in the game. It does go up roughly every 20 AP by about 5% increased damage output (not “MORE” damage) and you have to take in consideration the different hidden stats or crit modifiers.

Test done by Catastigma

It sounds like there would be no difference between a newbie player and a veteran with hard earned gear on those mobs. While this could be something done to force the better-geared players into harder areas, more according to their skills and gear, there should have at least been some type of official announcement or a note in the patch. No game should ever make these type of changes without taking in regard the fact that they are “trashing” the player’s long term progression and feeling of advancements.

As a player of Black Desert Online myself, I will definitely keep and eye on this discussion and check the facts other players are posting about this very delicate subject.


Written by Fyra Frost

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