This Week’s Tavern Brawl: 10 Mana Every Turn

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by Mustapha R. Price

Hearthstone: Heroes Of Warcraft always manages to have an interesting weekly Tavern Brawl. Tavern Brawl basically takes the standard battling format and adds unique twists to it in order to make for a unique and fun experience.

This week, the unique condition for the Tavern Brawl is that you have the 10 mana cap starting from the beginning of each duel. That means you can bring high cost minions and play them as early as necessary. As with every Tavern Brawl there is a special meta/style that this one requires in order to stay ahead of the curve(pun intended). Note that this Brawl is in the Wild format, so any card can be used to build a deck.

GVGI’ve found myself particularly keeping three static cards throughout my Tavern Brawl experience this week. The main one is the legendary Brann Bronzebeard, who triggers Battlecries twice. He’s been exceptionally helpful because of the fact that you can play him in conjunction with one or two other battlecry minions instantly. This is especially useful for C’Thun decks, which are powered up by these conditions because now you could activate C’Thun as early as the third turn and have him be at least a 12/12. Combine that with the obligatory Brann on the board, and you’ve got 24 attack worth of damage divided among all enemy characters.

Another card that is useful for this gig if you have it is Emperor Thaurissan. He is particularly useful as he can be played in the opening turn to reduce the costs of all cards in your hand. This approach will allow you to more effectively play multiple cards in a single turn.

Finally, an Old Gods card that offers a lot of cool alternatives to your style is the “Blood of the Ancient One” card. Two of those on board and you get the 30/30 minion, The Ancient One. He’s powerful, he’s decisive, and if he survives the first turn on the board, he’ll kill any full health hero in one strike. It’s an effective card, especially with this high mana cost play style.

That’s all for this Tavern Brawl. Happy brawling! Win yourself a free pack!

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