What We’d Like to See in Diablo 4

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The Diablo fan in all of us is holding onto the small hope that this is the year we finally see the announcement on Diablo 4. Chances seem slim, but that doesn’t stop us from thinking about what we’d like to see if and when it does eventually arrive.

One gripe I have with Diablo III is the game’s difficulty. Its not that it isn’t difficult enough, though the campaign was an absolute breeze playing as a Barbarian. Nevertheless, it would be nice to see there being more variety when it comes to the game’s difficulty. For example, for bosses, there could be an alteration in move sets depending on what the difficulty is set to, or perhaps even creating another form once they have been defeated, in a similar vein to the likes of Dark Souls amongst many others.

A must for Diablo 4 is an engaging story line to accompany it. Not to say that Diablo III didn’t have an interesting storyline, but if Blizzard decided to take the game in an even darker, more sinister yet engaging manner, then it could compensate for any lulls or repetition in the gameplay that may occur throughout. A narrative that can carry enough intrigue to last throughout will be pivotal for Diablo 4, and one that could keep players captivated from start to finish.

When mulling over what I’d like to see in a sequel whilst playing Diablo III, one thing kept coming back to mind, in that enemies could be majorly improved upon in the next potential game. This isn’t necessarily an issue with what the enemies actually are, but it would be nice to attain some more detail whilst fighting them. Sure, the game and its mechanics don’t necessarily cater for that kind of thing, but once you have hundreds of enemies of the same ilk descending upon you, they kind of lose their appeal from on interest standpoint, where you get to not really know what you are killing, but button mashing through a horde of essentially nothing.

What would you like to see in Diablo 4? Let us know in the comments section below.

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