Wasteland 3 Got Founded In Just Three Days

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inExile Entertainment announced today that Wasteland 3 got funded! Yes, the sequel to their 2014 game Wasteland 2 got funded, in three days no less! But, considering how inExile Entertainment did a stellar job with Wasteland 2, it made a lot of people believe in them, so you shouldn’t be so surprised by this. Their funding campaign on Fig still has until November 3, 2016, to gather more money, so they can expect a lot more money to come their way, which they will undoubtedly use to make the game even more awesome!


Brian Fargo, the CEO of inXile Entertainment, said:

“Wasteland 3 represents the most ambitious title that we have crowdfunded so far,”

“We wouldn’t be here without our fans and backers carrying the torch and we want to continue to repay them by making the best role-playing games possible. With Wasteland 3 we aim to over-deliver like never before.”


Wasteland 3 will start shortly after the end of Wasteland, and the player will assume the role of the sole survivor of Team November, the Ranger squad that was dispatched to the cold wastes of Colorado. Besides the cold, Colorado has secrets, lost technology, dangerous lunatics, and new, tough factions that never heard of the Desert Rangers, so expect a lot of conflicts!

Read more about the game here!

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