Warframe’s Silver Grove Update Is Live On PC!

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Warframe, that game where you play as cyber ninjas in space, just got an update! The game brings more Warframes on a steady basis, and this one is called Titania. Yeah, quite a badass name, and she has a badass look too!


You’ll go on a quest to acquire the new Titania Warframe, and discover the mysterious Silver Grove and it’s secrets along the way! Alongside the new Warframe, you will also explore the new Lunario map, play around with the changed Fusion System and so on.

The game also introduced GLYPHS, which will allow you to place your mark around your environment. You can use this to either show your enemies that you’re are close, or you can simply show off your favorite Warframe for others to see. There were also various changes made to the Fusion System to make it easier for you to upgrade your Mod collection, as the previous system complicated things a bit too much. The introduction of the Endo System will remove all of that unnecessary complexity of the Fusion system, so it’s also great for new inexperienced players.

As always, another excellent update for the space ninja simulator, so if you didn’t, be sure to download the update as soon as you can!

There are a lot of more things in this update, so you can go here to read all about them!

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