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Warframe’s Octavia’s Anthem Update Arrives On PS4 And Xbox One

The Octavia’s Anthem update for Warframe is finally making its way to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. It brought a lot of new features to the game on the PC, like the new Octavia Warframe, a special dancing Warframe that obliterates her enemies to the beat of a song. Tenno also get a new quest and two interesting creative tools that allow the players to compose their own songs and make amazing screenshots.

The entire PC community was pretty positive about the update and everything it brought, especially the new Octavia Warframe that allowed you to crush your opponents with music. The unique gameplay mechanic came as a surprise to most players. Those with PlayStation 4s and Xbox Ones can now enjoy this new Warframe, as well as the Mandachord and the Captura. The Mandachord is a musical instrument that allows the users to create their own songs, which can even be traded between players. Captura is a tool that allows for advanced screen captures to be done. Capture a frame, edit it, enhance it, and then share it by simply using the ‘Share’ button on the PlayStation 4 and the ‘Xbox’ button on the Xbox One.

Other things, like brand new weapons, helmets, and glyphs, came to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One today, and everyone can download it right away since Octavia’s Anthem is completely free.

If you’re a fan of skins and helmets, a lot of those arrived as well, and the selection is quite big: Sari Syandana, Frost Emperor Skin, Ember Graxx Skin, Saryn Graxx Skin, Frost Hailstorm Skin, Nekros Lazarus Helmet, Mag Induction Helmet, Spitefire Syandana, Liset Hellkite, Atlas Telamon Helmet, Mag Torodial Helmet, Setka Syandana, Ash Carabid Helmet, Excalibur Ogrant Helmet, and Banshee Echo Helmet.


Be sure to download the update right away if you’re a PS4 or an Xbox One user, and stay tuned for more news!



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