Warframe has gone and brought the cold to their game. Forget “Winter Is Coming”, the Frost is here! As they have unveiled the Frost Harka Bundle, which just so happens to be available now.

With this bundle, you’ll be able to “bring the frigid beauty of ice and snow to your Arsenal”, and frankly, just look dang cool. The crux of this very bundle though is the new Frost Deluxe Skin and mythical Longsword Skin.

So, what is the Frost Harka Skin? Well, it’s from winter’s forest, and is the very image of a dark warrior that emerges to “protect his flock

Then of course, there’s the Frysta Longsword skin, it’s the mythical frozen blade of the Frost Harka, and is the signature of their tribe. So if you have it in your arsenal? You’re legit.

But the biggest twist in this bundle has to be The Helminth Cure. For those who don’t know a majority of Tenno have been faced with an infection on numerous Warframes. So, if you’ve been diagnosed with a fully matured Helminth Cyst, there is now a cure for you, and you can get it in the Helminth Infirmary.

Now, to be clear, the completion of Glast Gambit is not a requirement to have a Helminth Cyst removed. Then once the cure has been given to you the Warframe will not be granted access back into the room and can no longer be infected. So…you’ll be given a clean bill of health!

So, there you go, if you’re looking for a new suit of armor, a really cool sword, or a cure for a disease you never wanted! This pack is for you!


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