Does Warframe Need New Stealth Mechanics?

Warframe is known for being a solid free-to-play shooter set in a sci-fi universe. The developers, Digital Extremes, are in constant contact with the community and frequently make changes...
Warframe Ivara

Warframe is known for being a solid free-to-play shooter set in a sci-fi universe. The developers, Digital Extremes, are in constant contact with the community and frequently make changes and implement ideas suggested by the player base, which is why this Reddit post is so interesting. The post, from Reddit user HoakinBlackForge, states that Warframe needs a complete stealth overhaul.

“…when i tried to make a stealth run with my ivara and full silenced loadout, i remembered why i never bothered again.”

The idea of redoing Warframe’s stealth mechanics is not new. The strategy for most players is to simply barrel through enemies and parkour through rooms rather than take their time and stealth. This is understandable, as nothing about Warframe really lends itself to stealth gameplay.

As Reddit users QuantumPancakeLord and Teridax68 point out, the game’s maps are not at all compatible with trying to be sneaky. There are very few places to properly hide and only one actual route to the end of a mission. Additional ways to travel to the ultimate destination would help with stealth, but it certainly wouldn’t fix it. There’s another big hurdle here that needs attention: enemy AI.

Warframe Stealth Ivara

TheFlyingManRawkHawk put it into words quite nicely. “Almost all stealth games have a way for you to hide to get enemies off you, but in Warframe you just have to kill everyone and turn the alarms off.” Basically, in order for stealth to truly work in Warframe, the enemy AI would need to be torn down and rebuilt from the ground up. At this point, the only way to shake an enemy is to turn invisible, and once you’ve alerted one enemy, they are all on your trail.

Since Warframe’s tagline is “ninjas play free” you would expect some pretty solid stealth mechanics, but that’s just not the case currently. Could the game benefit from improving stealth gameplay? Absolutely. But how could it realistically be implemented?

Warframe LokiReddit user Propyro85 suggested an entirely new mission type designed specifically with stealth in mind. While it would be great to see brand new missions, it doesn’t necessarily have to go that far. Players could be tasked with Assassination, Capture, and of course Spy missions, but with small tweaks to the maps to allow for more stealthy maneuverability. Much like Archwing missions, new maps could be made, or pre-existing maps could at least be retrofitted for stealth use. This would also have to be coupled with updated AI so a single shot wouldn’t alert the entire room to your location.

The addition of better stealth mechanics really would add a lot to the game in terms of playstyles. Warframes like Loki and Ivara would have so much more use if missions could be tailored towards being sneaky instead of rushing in and doing massive amounts of damage.

Should Warframe improve its stealth mechanics? And if a brand new stealth-focused mission was to be implemented into the game, what would you want it to look like? Let us know! If you want more Warframe content, be sure to check out our last article where we broke down Harrow’s profile video.


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  • Kevin
    3 July 2017 at 9:28 pm
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    Warframe is not Thief. It is a shooter. Stealth mechanics in a multi-player shooter environment only provide a way for certain frames that would otherwise be squishy to survive and thrive.

    Ivara is built around Prowl. Prowl does not work when playing with others, but she is amazing in Solo, when you can control the speed of play.

    Ash is a more classical “Ninja” type. Shorter duration invisibility than Loki, but his other skills makes him superior. And Loki, well, Loki is Loki. Invisibility makes quick work of Rescue or Sabotage or Capture.

  • Stack77
    4 July 2017 at 12:18 am
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    If you need to change the stealth mechanics, you’re doing it wrong

  • clrz
    4 July 2017 at 5:41 am
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    The game is still in perpetual beta and will undergo changes to game and AI mechanics without stating otherwise.

    Currently, it seems that they are upgrading the game engine and adding more content to the game as a primary objective. They will make changes to the AI at some point, for sure. It’s clunky nevertheless stealth or not.

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