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Warframe: Lunaro Is Live

LunaroOnce in a while, you want to lay down your weapons and just chill. Since Warframe is a battle packed game with constant wars and disputes, it’s hard to find something relaxing in it. Fortunately, that’s about to change.

“Tenno, you’ve fought long and valiantly. Now, put down your arms and join in the newest addition to Conclave. The honor-bound sport, Lunaro!”

Lunaro! A new in-game content in Warframe that is one of  three upcoming Conclave modes. Lunaro is a contact ball sport that will test your skills and your ability to work as a team. Most important aspects of the game are mobility and teamwork. The rules are simple, you and your team have to score a goal against the opposing team.

“You will work together on team Sun or Moon to move the ball — or Lunaro — up an Orokin arena, into the opponents’ goal.”

Maybe it sounds simple but, it’s not. If you can avoid all your opponents that are trying to overtake the possession of the ball or just try to pound you into the ground, then you will be victorious.

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