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Warframe Expansion Plains Of Eidolon Arrives On Console

Warframe has been a very popular title since its launch in 2013. It’s been praised for its solid gameplay, actual progression of its characters, and the variety of things to do in it. In fact, on Steam, it has a “Very Positive” rating, with over 150,000+ reviews. One of the reasons it’s so well received is because of its expansions, the latest of which is called “Plains of Eidolon”. This expansion came out last month on PC, but today, Digital Extremes was happy to announce that their game is now available to Xbox One and PS4 users.

And they should be happy! For the response to Plains of Eidolon has been massive. In fact, there was a surge of players so great for this when it released on Steam that it broke records, including breaking Warframe’s own personal records for concurrent players at one time. That should show just how deep an expansive it is.

The biggest selling point of Plains of Eidolon is the new massive open-area for players to explore. This Open Zone literally opens up opportunities for many players, giving them not just freedom, but bosses to fight, items to find, and of course, a beautiful landscape to appreciate.

What’s more, there’s a new Warframe in the game called Gara, who has a Glass-type speciality, including having four new abilities at their beck and call, not to mention unique weapons and customizations that are just for them.

But don’t feel left out, there are plenty of new weapons and reinforcements so that your own Warframe can handle the challenges that await you on the plains. And that’s still just the tip of the iceberg.

Plus, as one final thing to make the expansion even greater, the team has reworked the Operator-Warrior Focus so that players can have more combat-focused characters, and be able to equip certain armor and weapons.

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