Rhino Prime Unvaulted Boltor Ankyros

For those familiar with Digital Extremes’ free-to-play third-person shooter Warframe, the question of another prime frame unvaulting isn’t a matter of if, but when? And on top of that, who? And of course, what? After the hype dies for one frame unvaulting, players immediately tun their sights to the future to speculate who is coming next. DE has created a bit of a pattern for themselves, so most of us are betting that Rhino Prime will be the next frame to see the light of day. However, with the recent release of the “Fire and Ice Pack”, could the developers have something a little more complicated up their sleeves? Let’s talk details.

WHEN: The last Primes to be unvaulted were Frost and Ember in December of last year. According to the information collected through these charts on the Warframe Wiki, we can determine that the next Prime unvaulting will happen around June of this year. A Prime unvaulting usually lasts between 1 and 2 months and then we get to wait for another 5 or 6 before seeing another.

Ember and Frost Prime Fire and Ice Pack

WHO: As stated above, most players’ money is on Rhino Prime to be the next unvaulted frame. If DE follows their traditional list of descending release dates, Rhino Prime is right below Ember Prime. However, since the dual-unvaulting with Ember and Frost went down so well, it isn’t farfetched to speculate that there might be another twofer coming to the game. The obvious pairing would be Rhino and Loki as they are next to each other in the release date list, but a reddit post on the subject had a really cool idea.

One commenter suggested that it might be a great idea to pair Rhino with Nyx for a “brains + brawn” pack. I personally love this idea and it wouldn’t be far off from a real possibility. Nyx is next down the line to be unvaulted after Loki, which would mean we’d skip Loki until the next unvaulting. They did something similar by skipping Mag for the Fire and Ice pack. I love the idea of brains and brawn and it would fit the whole “male/female” pattern DE usually goes for.

Nyx Prime Scindo Hikou

WHAT: So, let’s focus on Rhino Prime first. If he is indeed the next frame to be unvaulted, then we will also see the re-release of the Boltor Prime and the Ankyros Prime, which would be fitting as DE recently released a skin for the Ankyros through Twitch Bundles. If we do indeed get another dual-unvaulting, then we might see the Bo and Wyrm Prime with Loki, or perhaps the Hikou and the Scindo Prime with Nyx.

Of course, this is all speculation. With the way Warframe operates, we might think we see a pattern in their release schedule, but they could certainly turn around and surprise us. We won’t know for sure until they make the announcement. Are you excited for the next Prime unvaulting? Who do want it to be?

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