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Warframe Is 4th Highest Concurrent Played Game On Steam

Steam tracks a lot of stats, mainly because it helps them (and developers…and gamers) determine what games are doing well, what games are doing great, and most importantly, when records or trends are happening. For an MMORPG like Warframe, these stats are infinitely important, and that’s why today’s news is so important for them, as they’re now the 4th highest ranked game in regards to concurrent players on Steam today. What does that mean? It means that a great many people are playing the game at the same time.

This comes straight from SteamCharts, who revealed that the game is only behind PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, Counter-Strike Global Offensive, and Dota 2, which, to be fair, are some of the most popular games on Steam period, so it’s not a bad thing that they’re only 4th. What’s more, none of those games are MMORPGs, so that in itself is quite a prize. So, why is Warframe doing so well right now? Well, it’s honestly not that hard to fathom.

After all, they just released their Plains of Eidolon expansion, which gave the game a great boost of content, including a new Warframe for players to play as. Add to that a new land to go to and explore, a new market to be in, new quests and challenges, and you can see why there are a lot of people playing it right now.

But even more than that, Warframe has a reputation for not only being a very solid MMO but one that keeps players engaged on every level imaginable. It’s not just the content, but how the team makes everything worth it. Players have options and choices that matter in the grand scheme of things, and every weapon and character can be improved in a way that makes players really feel powerful.

So, if you’re wanting to check out what makes the game so special…now is a great time.

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