Warface Introduces Compact Engineer Weapon EXAR-L PDW

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by Ham

The EXAR-L PDW is now available in Warface, bringing a compact engineer weapon to the game. This particular modified, shortened version of the EXAR-L and EXAR-H was designed as a mod for the SCAR-L assault rifle. After a positive reception, it soon became a weapon of choice for helicopter, armor crews, explosives specialists and engineers.

In comparison to other guns, the PDW actually inflicts more damage than many of the other assault rifles and other weapons that are available to an engineer, and isn’t as heavily offset when in effective range. One of the key features of this weapon is its accuracy, which is usually on point when fired from the hip as well as down a scope or sight. The PDW also boasts a unique handle which improves on its reload speed, so much so that you won’t find yourself needing to switch to a secondary weapon.

There are two variants available for the EXAR-L PDW, including regualr and golden, which can be found in random kredit boxes found in the game. If you’re willing to stretch for the golden version, then you will be granted a version which has an improved effective range, as well as an increased magazine capacity, making it carry up to 25 rounds more in total compared to the regular version.

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