Warcraft Movie – The Characters in a Nutshell

Most of you must have seen the Warcraft movie by now and we are quite convinced that you all have good and bad opinions about the way the iconic...

Most of you must have seen the Warcraft movie by now and we are quite convinced that you all have good and bad opinions about the way the iconic Warcraft characters were conveyed.

To start off, Warcraft was a decent watch. We are not about to bring on the usual “Too much CGI” debate as the movie’s greatness partly lies in the beautifully constructed visuals. The movie needed CGI, and even if the skeptical viewers still believe that everything can be accomplished without CGI, we think it was a necessary step. But this article does not intend to discuss the movie itself, but more like the characters that were introduced.


Anduin Lothar (Travis Fimmel) was a character who seemed slightly overdone, and perhaps a bit unrealistic. He seemed to be a fan of humor but his true nature was not clearly presented. At this point, most of you will say that his courage and empathy was proven multiple times, and yes that is true, but we did not really get to know him as much as we expected. Warcraft-Movie-Banner-01Durotan, on the other hand, was truly awesome and he was exactly what Horde fans expected him to be. The voice acting distortion was slightly off, and perhaps his back was just a tiny bit too wide, but other than that, he really stole the show.

Medivh in the movie, felt like he has been somehow changed compared to the original game character. Originally, he did not seem like a confused character, but more like one who knew exactly what he was doing. In the movie, however, he seems to be commonly judging his own decisions and usually ends up late in crucial situations.


Llane Wrynn (Dominic Cooper), in the movie, simply felt too nice. Every single decision he made seemed positive and kind. To us, he did not exactly act like a ruler, but more like a random nice guy. Garona was one of the better characters in the movie and her behavior was realistic and well explained. So was Gul’Dan, whose pure evil nature could not have been shown in a better way. Karos Razok’s appearance was also a surprise, as many of you might know him as an Undead Bat Handler in Silverpine Forest (if that is really him). He felt like an insignificant character but had a few good moments, at least. Moroes simply looked like an Alfred from the Wayne Manor but he had a crucial role, nevertheless.

Hope you guys enjoyed the movie and spotted Varian Wrynn in Stormwind, which clearly sets up the storyline for the sequel.


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