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Warcraft: The Beginning is Almost Here

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Warcraft, the movie is just around the corner and we can’t wait to rush into a local movie theater and watch it. First of all, this will be completely spoilers free, so don’t worry and feel free to continue reading the article. We believe that anyone who plans to watch it already knows the lore and what part of Warcraft legacy will be covered. Therefore, today we won’t be talking about the story.

Today we had a chance to see the Featurette: “Creating Warcraft” video on YouTube. The video contains glimpses of the movie, but don’t hesitate to watch it. It’s spoiler free! The sole purpose of this video clip is to remind us who made this movie and how difficult it was. As we go through this clip we are more and more aware of the hard work and talent that was put into the movie.


Keep in mind that it’s practically all CGI, and someone had to make it from the scratch. While we admire all those magnificent castles, Orc strongholds, creatures, textures and more the real magic happened behind the screen.

We salute to the people who created the world that mirrors the one we all know and truly love. Thank you for all your hard work and we can only hope that it will meet our expectations.


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