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War Thunder Gets A New Event

There aren’t many video games out there that allow you to pilot a plane and drive a tank in the same game. Some people prefer the open vast sky where dogfighting is intense and swift, while others prefer the slower, more brutal type of battle that is fought with tanks. War Thunder lets you choose between these two, and the game is getting a brand new event called “Still Waters” in which we have to infiltrate a well-guarded enemy airfield and then destroy a certain transport aircraft that is carrying something important on it.

War Thunder

This won’t be an easy mission, and only skilled players should attempt this task, as pilots need to stay under 40 meters in order to avoid anti-aircraft guns while also staying in the dark and avoiding light reconnaissance ships which are patrolling your route, and if you want to make sure that you stay undetected, you need to destroy a mobile radio station so that your enemies can’t report your location if they spot you.

War Thunder

So, what do we have to do when we sneak past the enemy? Well, there’s a certain aircraft that needs to be destroyed. The enemy stole our encoding device and it’s going to be sent back to their base soon, which means that we have to stop them as soon as possible. Be prepared to pay any price, as this aircraft needs to get annihilated even if it costs you your very life. Dying in the process won’t be anything strange, as this is as close to a suicide mission as it gets, but the objective must be completed. You only get one shot, so experienced War Thunder players should take their fastest airplane and give it their best. Good luck to any of you that try to accomplish this challenging mission!


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