Vulpine: Be A Fox With A Sword

Mustapha R. Price
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As independent studios continue to rise, it should come as no surprise to gamers that creative liberties are at an all time high. This is just as true for the creation of Clockwork Giant Games. Their project, Vulpine, will put you in the shoes of a particularly strange combination. When weapons and animals meet, you can achieve some of the unthinkable, in a creative low-poly, yet visually stunning world.


This Kickstarter favorite has been garnering major attention, making featured in games for several consecutive days. Players are likely drawn to the creative environment, as well as the genuine open-world multiplayer, which allows you to play cooperatively with your friends in battles against other animals.ea6ff5341e86c904c199df16e0e230d2_original

There is also a very crucial survival element, in which you gather resources that can be used for crafting better weapons and of course, food for the animals.

This independent team of brothers launched their Kickstarter on August 10th, and it will continue for the next 27 days. If you wish to back the project you may do so right here!


The developers at Clockwork Giant Games have already achieved one-third of their goal as of now, and with your help, they can push their survival title to completion.

If you’re looking for a game to support, and want to quell a craving for some real survival multiplayer, this may be the way to do just that.

Vulpine offers a creative alternative to the standards of survival multiplayer, and gives us a glimpse into how simplistic low-poly visuals can match with a creative art style and direction. Hopefully, this game meets its goal, so more indie developers can feel inspired to take their brilliant and creative ideas to a whole new level.

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